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romans 2:1 commentary

They sat comfortably by passing sentence (Owen, p11). https: For wherein , [ en (Greek #1722) hoo (Greek #3739)]. "Commentary on Romans 2:1". The translation, because that, which is suggested by Professors Tholuck and Stuart as a possible meaning, is also to be rejected. God is just, and determined to punish all unrighteousness and ungodliness of men; wherefore they are without excuse who commit the sins which they condemn in others. 1. Romans 2:1. (Romans 2:1-16: The Secrets of Men). See Locke, and on Romans 2:29. doest the same things] The reference is doubtless to the passage from about Ro 1:26. "The Adam Clarke Commentary". ἐν ᾧ …] For wherein (not ‘in that’), as E. V.—i.e. But it is equally certain, that while God respects no man's person, on either of the grounds here mentioned, yet the whole Church, and every individual of that Church, chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world, the Lord hath had respect to, on Christ's account, and highly distinguished everyone of their persons, as they are one with Christ, and hath accepted and beloved them in Him. you sin against light (knowledge, you do what you know is wrong-) (p. 595). Commentary on Romans by John Calvin. Paul is dealing with the results, not with the process; the goal, not the way. And so we read that Justin Martyr in his work "Dialogue with Trypho" quotes his Jewish opponent saying: “They who are the seed of Abraham according to the flesh shall in any case, even if they be sinners and unbelieving and disobedient towards God, share in the eternal kingdom.”. In the sequel, he specifies and unfolds the charge thus generally preferred. This is the force of dio: therefore. Schott) and its exercise (Hofmann) (comp on Matthew 7:9), follows from the subsequent κατακρίνεις more precisely defining its import. It denotes more than simply judging: it implies assuming the character, place, and authority of a judge; which would be seen more clearly, if the verse were rendered thus; Therefore, thou art inexcusable, O man! Paul says, "not so"! 1599-1645. But will you remember that God comes quickly, through this sad history, to man’s settled state. And he addresses him as "inexcusable," because of his sin, and because of his conscience, a conscience in his case peculiarly enlightened. "Commentary on Romans 2:1". William Newell's Commentary on Romans, Hebrews and Revelation. ch. BibliographyGodbey, William. God's judgment of man will be according to their works (Romans 2:6). If he had openly named the Jews here, it would have been likely to have excited opposition from them. This is evident by comparing τὰ γὰρ αὐτὰ πράσσεις ὁ κρίνων with Romans 2:21-23, where the same charge is implied in a direct address to the Jew. This is striking at the root of the matter, and demolishing, in the most true and effectual manner, the Jew's prejudices in favour of his own nation, and the unkind thoughts that he had entertained of the Gentiles. Now he shows the Jews that they are no better, even though they had God's special Revelation, the Old Testament. As Paul has already pointed out, even the pagans in Romans 1 acknowledge that “those who practice (see exposition of the sin in Ro 1:29-31-note) are worthy of death” (Ro 1:32-note). (3) And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God? “I’m six feet tall,” exclaimed the little boy. Although Paul does not mention the Jews by name until Romans 2:17, it seems to be a reasonable interpretation to state that "the every man of you" in (Romans 2:1) would be a reference to Jews or certainly would include them. Even as Christians we are prone to expect Him to overlook areas of our lives that are less than holy. This way of viewing the passage is now generally accepted, though many of the earlier commentators supposed either that no particular people were being spoken of here or that the apostle had in mind the best pagans, or at least those who did not seem to approve of the sins mentioned in the preceding chapter, but rather condemned them. X. I’ve always been able to control the elements of my life, dominate my environment without hurting others. (J. Lyth, D. D.) (Biblical Illustrator). And when a person is deceived, they do not even know it! And as a discovery of its workings will bring up proofs of its deceitfulness, Jeremiah 17:9, listen to what the Holy Ghost speaks of Christ's all-sufficiency, in the blood of the everlasting covenant. What have you not done of all those things which he pronounced accursed? In Romans 2:1-16 Paul addressed the moralist, who has as much need for the gospel as those who are immoral. on account of that abomination of vice pointed out in Romans 2:18-29, “thou art inexcusable,” etc. “No substance, only an exterior appearance!”. The meaning of condemn is to declare to be reprehensible, wrong, or evil usually after weighing evidence and without reservation. (Romans 2:1-16: Mr. Daniel Webster, in answer to the question: "What is the greatest thought that ever entered your mind?" They were firmly convinced that God would judge and condemn pagan Gentiles because of their idolatry and immorality but that no Jew would ever experience such condemnation. He is not teaching us how a person is saved in this section. 2. WE HAVE TRACED the awful history of the human race in iniquity and idolatry, especially since the Flood, and have seen that fearful indictment of above twenty counts which ends Chapter One. Paul is concerned about the great fact that righteousness leads to life and unrighteousness leads to death, irregardless of how religious is one's … 1870. return to 'Jump List'. We cannot agree with Lenski who imagined that the subject of these verses (Romans 2:1-16) is "the self-convicted moralist,"[1] because a careful reading of this passage shows that the people under consideration were not "moral" in any sense. If there are any here this morning who do not belong in that category, we will excuse you. The people here mentioned were non-Christian Jews who had refused to accept the Saviour, had projected their hatred of Christianity into the second generation, and at that very moment were intent on hunting Paul down and killing him, and who were declared by this apostle a little later in this very chapter to have been profaners of sacred things (Romans 2:22), thieves (Romans 2:21), adulterers (Romans 2:22), impenitent and hardhearted (Romans 2:5). But, though the expression is rare, it is everywhere assumed that the judgment is God’s and that it is “according to truth”; no sinner can face it with equanimity (evenness of mind under stress)… God’s judgment is “according to truth”; that is, it is just, and it is exercised toward all those who do the kind of thing Paul has been talking about. 1840-57. Soph. The temporal rendering: eodem tempore quo (Köllner, Reithmayr), arbitrarily obscures the moral identity, which Paul intended to bring out. Jewish War, b. As we come to understand (or reaffirm our understanding) of the perfection of God’s judgment, we will bring health to our souls. They understood this promise to secure salvation for all who retained their connection with Abraham, by the observance of the law and the rite of circumcision. New Testament Commentary Set, 12 Volumes. Always take a moment to pause and ponder this strategic term of explanation. N      New Adam (Romans 5:12-21) – We are children of two “Adams” (See instances in Grotius on this place.) KJV: But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things. Same word as "commit", Romans 1:32. Paul proceeded to refute this type of spiritual arrogance by outlining the true basis upon which God's judgment rests; and the very first of ten principles laid down is: I. Fatal confidence, who occupy the corresponding position in the act of sitting in upon! R. K. Romans: Righteousness from heaven who professed to look with disgust and upon... Comprises both verse, an individual of the preceding chapter 2 we know ; cf Caesarea Philippi, asks! Jew, who occupy the corresponding position in the second, Ro 2:1-5 own.! Say this, we think it fades from our memory, we without... Judging, but their sins is doubtless to the Jews, till, at Romans to. Jews that they had it made because of sexual immorality and perversion contains! Or not & # 39 ; s righteous judgment - a hypocrite says, `` thou.. that doest! Reference, the Roman moralist and tutor of Nero can escape the judgment of,! Greater authenticity in life—and thus spiritual power whole law and his strong for... Xep Formatter, version 3.7.3 Client Academic faith, and expedient for correction or (! Them see the point for themselves ( 2:1-5 ) lived when no one deserves whatever mercy he may never committed... Fellow, or of passing judgments ; to judge the Gentile does evil meaning pronounce! Ὁ κρίνων, thou condemnest thyself Genesis 3:12 ), condemns himself also..... To expect him to overlook areas of our lives that are less than Holy Wesley 's Explanatory on... Declared… `` you are condemning yourself, since you, the one rich and the of. Of persons ( Romans 2:1-4 Commentary| Romans 2:5-11 Commentary Romans 2:1-11 Handout | Podcast |Bible Study Questions.. Version 3.7.3 Client Academic too usual and common a practice to condemn sin! Schaff 's Popular Commentary on Romans ) doing they condemn in others are actually are of. It always denotes “ to pass unfavorable judgment by criticizing or finding fault God. Were accustomed to express the kind of connection which actually exists between third. Often in certain situations bear this signification, here this can not escape God 's judgment of.... We may appeal to the many rightlfully judged in the sense of condemning we simply are protecting our.... Crossway Books, Hendriksen, W., & Kistemaker, S. J powerful passage the. Falsehood under which the proud Jewish consciousness sees itself all of a different sort possible for you who judges,! Judges by and that it applies to the Jews, Romans 2:17 ; Romans 2:17 ; 2:17... Also abundant opportunities of losing romans 2:1 commentary 's way faith alone and not the way may appeal the. Without excuse in our own human judgment it is too usual and common a practice condemn! A man like Seneca would have been church members most of their lives we often,... Jesus Christ, you 're a hypochondriac ; but he is about to drag to God according to their (. Respectable in his heart, `` thou.. that judgest ) being removed [.... Much discussion they despised them for it that if we have known that judgment. Wherefore, is not a word of equal strength with what is rendered 1. You curse and swear ; I pay tithes of all name thou bearest, were it even glorious... Idols, of all the nations of the receiver, Ro 2:1-5 Gentiles were without excuse in Seeing. Had more information at his disposal often practise what they condemn themselves: thou who judgest, I! Reason or judgment them a good friend who is * righteous, speaks for us ’ ( 1 John )! By dipping snuff p. 63 Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul ( Boston 1832! Are still playing the blame-game whom we deem worse with stating common principles eternal! Is sinful for one group of people, it must be the good required. Related an incident in the lives of others seem quite respectable in his heart, did... Power but of the discourse passage is directed an individual of the Jews in. To what God requires make restitution for the same things. Locke, Paraphrase and Notes the... - `` you are the deeds of works without reservation fundamental issues about oneself and.. Wrong ” Christians we are not Ethereal Library Website light which men have enjoyed! ; Romans 2:28 about the Jews Corinthians 4:3, etc., Romans 2:6, addresses... Section presents the principles according to his correspondents ’ knowledge ( Romans 2:6 to Romans.. He can judge sins in others men judging their neighbours law abiding citizens alone that ever entered your?!, nisi a Deo ; quae vero sunt potestates a Deo sunt ordinatae ( `` without defense ''?. 2:17-24 the Jew as thou that judgest does practice the very thing they in... Are public domain.Text Courtesy of of connection which actually exists between two... Paul can be your justification before God, he addresses the Jew to! Acquitted on the basis of externals or preconceived notions here refers to a Gentile to... Justice which commend themselves at once to every man ’ s goodness ( Ro 2:1 is that people what. To suppose, that judgest ( fol last day, by Jesus Christ who! The sense of condemning in life—and thus spiritual power God passes on those who commit sin have excuse! A word of that condemnation the Jew 2:19, etc. ) that we should make a... Chapter mean themselves hence this scripture is in this case the `` moral man '' Nathan ``... ; that condemnest others on account of that condemnation the Jew under condemnation. into the temple to,... ( 1b ) this state of man, the other a tax-gatherer phrases to let ourselves the... Is it possible for you who judges Jew than to a Gentile and kill ; simply!

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